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Upgrade woes continue. Pulseaudio leading the pack

Upgraded to 17.04 late last evening and this is yet another woe that I never seem to get reminded of. This time around, PulseAudio and configuration files to be precise were the woe.

Ended up with a working desktop environment sans a working Python3 install as the first step. A half hour wasted on fixing this issue and upgrading to Python3.6 finally, the next issue crops up. The desktop plays audio but shows no audio devices. The worse part is reinstalling PulseAudio, worst even reinstalling desktop environment doesn't solve.

Appears there is an odd issue with upgrades that tampers with pulse configuration. Moved the existing ~/.config/pulse folder and voila audio controls are back on the desktop.

That aside there exists the weird bug with the physical audio control buttons that don't work. Don't I loathe OS upgrades and particularly Ubuntu's terrible show for long now!

EDIT: Rebooting after the config removal has fixed the hardware binding issue. Sigh! Only makes me think if I should stick to Ubuntu/others.