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Of types, sets, and some lovely typesets

Interesting indeed are days that help placate oneself by falling back to old loves. A tiring day running around with things had a balance in two lovable entities from the past - VTV's songs and LaTeX.

The peculiarity is how the two bring about fresh into memory, the thoughts of Boston. So much so, when eyes closed, I could see a warm summer evening at Espresso Royale Cafe, with St. Patrick's day's gaiety. Oh! We're a heptad and a bit more away; a heptad or so since I lost my first love of Boston.

Given how things have been lackadaisical, I've wanted to keep my resume cleaned up and it has been ages now. So, with some much hard to come by resolve, sat down around evening to clean things up.

And, that is where an interesting thought came by. Why not write the tex document in a manner that I can build the resume as components? Why not put it out on Github so I can in the future/others make use of? This was in line with the documentation woes from the previous post about Digital Ocean.

With that in mind, I sat down cleaning up and revamping the resume. Among others, given how much time I have spent away from TeX, this ended up being a steep few hours of refreshing. Nonetheless, had a real good time doing it and felt happy about myself for more reasons than one.

Talking to a friend about typesetting, came about the thought of types and such from the realm. Alas! the pity of poor individuals like us who aren't adept even to awe at such marvels. Least we could after all do, is do smaller stuff like this.

Put up a repository on Github with a simple readme and a build script if you use a Unix system. An advocate of using typesetting for beautiful documents, I'd suggest taking this route.

PS: If you're like some I know, wonder what is the big fuss about this new thing and not using Word, check this out for reasons.