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Of randomness, rabbles, and some ill-stocked stables

Terrible direction this discussion on Twitter, around GQL, is taking. If dick back end devs are reason to move, pricks of front end devs I've encountered whose entitled nature comes from "visibility" translating to taking the meat almost everywhere is reason to call all a sham? How dumb are we?

REST issue - understandable. TBH, only a blaming the tool exercise. Doesn't fly well afai see it. OEM/ODMs sure can learn a few things from GQL or implementations like Graphene et al. Let them evolve that way for a populace that needs it? The dissing is just reversing roles

This (https://twitter.com/techieV2/status/1058669025247428608?s=20) is my go-to example. Have three implementations of this one. One from circa 2012/13 when I was at imaginea, one that I wrote from scratch last week over a night, one that takes the good parts from a GQL library implementation.

This btw is something I used as a consumer and as a producer. Took another 20 lines to allow transformations/mutations, seamlessly. Only thing, not a shiny toy so most kids would pass (another discussion in itself).

The larger issue boils down to this - random idiots picking up context free assumptions and dispensing them as canon truth. Haven't we seen enough of this to start making our statements tamper proof already?