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Of profundities, perfunctories, and puerile placards.

All the fight left aside, how do the jyeShTAs explain shriyA saha tu dAmpatyam? There is a particular reason why I raise this one among others. During the course of the recent spat, saw a certain individual called sovereign, so to speak. The same was the one roped in, a few good years back, in the context of where shrI stands. And in particular, what Venkatanatha's view was. With a passing reference from the same text, placing where they put her, the aforesaid got quoted. Problem is, Venkatanatha in an explicit manner, decries the inferior stature. The audacity, irony, and dishonesty aren't lost on one, while another question comes up. Whatever happened to the dolt of the other camp that cannot defend the man's views like kulishas?