/ Life

Of mirrors and faces

Fight your monsters they say, as I quote Nietzsche. I hope this battle does not turn me into the monster I fight, as I go on to the battleground; I slay or remain slain.

For the most part, this piece is nowhere close to fiction barring the mirror.


"I can't afford to hold another of these mirrors, I drop them always", she cried as he got closer. It was not easy for him either, trusting it with her, after he grabbed it as she dropped it down.

A few moments' silence became aeons, crickets and their breath fighting for loudness.

"You have dropped a few, this one too, and you might again. But that's why I give it back to you", he broke the silence. He has always held a different way with teaching, must be all the chiding he got for missing marks by mere whiskers.

Was it a life of receiving not for failure, but for being not enough? Was it the love he always sought, and tried to give to her presence? He didn't know and didn't care to know. All he knew, was his love wouldn't change with a broken glass from her.

"If any", he continued, "the point of censure is to make us aware, in no uncertain terms at your pain to stare". He did cry, preventing it being overt, getting her closer as he did.

Mothers have a way to fix things he always knew, her hugging and pecking one on the forehead to fix all the failures. He heard it always say it sets things right and he wanted it to fix her, his belief left aside.

Involuntary it was, he pecked one on her forehead saying, "my love hasn't gotten any lesser", as he gave her the mirror.

Things aren't to be the way one wishes they say and it took him years to know. He had a knack knowing in the painful of ways, this one no different he always says.

Couple of springs, the couple had in their summers their springs, seasons theirs alike. She dropped it again now, while he worked on the holes in his dyke. It did break this time, a mere man couldn't salvage all his life in one act.

Cries were different now, his became louder, hers subtle and veiled she made. Shards around gave him a face, a newer one in each piece he found. Peace became alien he vouched, but he cried as he loved her more for the faces around.