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Of changes, cringes, and more

Had a couple of interesting discussions over the last few days.

  1. People not spending the time to get proper, backed reasons, for any new choice/experiments.

  2. The ethics of spending time on what you are not paid for vis-à-vis what you're paid for.

Both, beyond me.

Tad odd, the way both of these discussions came up. Given we started out discussing personal issues/tried to be sounding boards. In retrospect though, makes sense. Such environments are reasons for certain personal issues.

Poor environments, the brunt, and such add up to woes by nature. And if you are someone who looks always at the long term, the implications show up. The question then is, how do you deal with things without breaking the fabric.

As the calendar year started, I decided to do small things that I hoped to add to an avalanche effect. For some reason, I am keeping myself away from cooking (environmental factors aside). The next best idea was what my friend has been pestering me about; ragi hurihittu.

So, ensuring over the last week or so that I either stock up on bread or hurihittu as a kanji that lasts me a fair bit; ~4 hours. Gives good holdup before I can get things done and go for a meal next.

A second change has been to engage and disengage. In a lot of say 50 people I interact with, I know the 4-5 who either sap my energy or are epitomes of negativity. Decided I'd engage with the 45 in an active manner while I'll disengage in a passive/active manner with the 4-5.

If not anything, none of us wants added negativity seeping in from someone who isn't going to have your back. So, put people where they belong and put your foot down in self-interest works I guess. The ones who are giving you a hard time, act in their self-interest, why not you?