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New homes, newer foams, and some older qualms

With the evening spent on some long pending tasks, much satisfying indeed it has been. Nights lacking sleep and discussions with friends do open up missing perspectives. As it stands, I sit with three(two?) independent major changes that I'm working on. Each of those posing their own kind of problems, it is a good situation to learn a lot.

But, that is where the qualms lie too; how they rob your time away. As Ghost update from 0.x to a stable release and now to 1.21 right now, the blog has been sitting around without updates. Add to that, the recent changes to Digital Ocean's pricing which made me reconsider my choices.

And so this evening, I forced myself to move things from AWS to Digitalocean and while at it, upgrade Ghost. A straightforward process after all - exporting, setting up NodeJS/Ghost, changing DNS. And right there crop up problems, at the least expected of places.

The DNS entry propagation takes time, but I see Murphy smiling from around. The other prong of the network wasn't helpful either, not surprising though. Right when I sit to deploy Ghost, an otherwise fast, helpful ACT connection gives ping times of 2s.

Never a point of surprise if it were the ACT connection back in Bangalore, but this one was odd. Adding fuel to the fire of "Will one thing in my life go right". But yes, thankful for the fact that it stabilised a few minutes later. I do need to learn to calm myself at times.

Longer story short, moving away from AWS and Route53 though I had plans to move our infra to AWS. Have another note on our recent DigitalOcean migrations, hope to put that and notes on the API out soon.

PS: A very big shout out to the Ghost team for the beautiful admin dashboard/refreshing UI.