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Looking back

Things that make me question my priorities, self-worth, among others. I ran/had to run, days/weeks after this post. The first weeks here, were hell manifest and more. For a man battling depression, hearing of rains brings up irrational fears as the other side of me calls it.

Yes, even today, two years since the worse days have passed. Much like how listening to hold tones of Vodafone and my calling bell give shivers today, 5-6 years later.

But, amidst all, there remains a singular question that crops up in front of my face. Almost always unanswered, its undaunted in its efforts for an answer; my Veda, I guess.

Torments of a two-week engaged-to-be-married phase and it crumbling didn't hold me back. Despite the shameless running away, I stood ground with my people; it strengthened me for life.

Then, why can I not do it now? Well, simple. I am tired; of life, people, and almost myself. Or should I say, investing one way drained me much?

And with that, however odd, I am ready to take the next plunge. A plunge where the first concerns are my libations, libraries, and lunacy. I'll see ye all on the other side of the brook. Hands filled with water, at the least for my company an otter.