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Let us hum some hullabaloos

"Go out you woman, and destroy patriarchy each day as you go on", the lady roared on stage.

The fellow watched keen, reminded of towering presence from Thatcher and the likes he grew up on.

"She's always on the forefront", the reporters with limited repertoire started as always. Their audience no different, and the need to make a decent living, found good partners in each other. A holy consummation, or consumption as they called it.

There was this one thread missing somehow, the lad felt this day, his eyes following her as she came down the stage. Her grandeur, grace, and power all intact, it was only his eyes deceiving, may be.

"I am exhilarated, Ms, by your points today", the young fellow continued, "I'd like a word or two about a few of mine". Never one for small talks, a woman always of action as they always are, an exception she made today. "Hop on, let us discuss in my car", she went on, as the two went on towards their ride for the day.

She had a certain class about her choices; German engineering never being second, top in the list. A seasoned Mercedes for the day, a name she felt often had misplaced thoughts about it and needs change.

"You know what I dislike about the name?", she drew attention, as he looked into her eyes, eager. "Mercedes bends", she continued, "I swear, I hate the word, the objectification it brings". But natural he said, the kind of objectification and the drives that stemmed out of it, to hate.

"Nonetheless, we fight a battle against them. You wanted a word or two, so go on", she egged him finally as she played some track for the way. Ed Sheeran was on and she made no efforts to hide her enthusiasm. "I like this one the best of the recent listens", she continued, as his intents changed from awe to awry.

"Well, I wanted a word or two, yes. But this is time for something else, lady", he smiled, quite out of place as someone might say. Years of dealing with things or men as the rest of them called, had prepared her for well for such a day, she thought. A tough one on the inside and out, she was sure to deal with it well.

"Could you please pull over", he smirked; her thoughts went haywire but her grasping them well as always. As the German masterpiece came to a smooth stop, so did the haranguing ordeal, the both thought. "I've heard of Ivory towers and more, and here I see one", he said as he opened it out.

The door now aghast, the young lad stepped on, "I take leave Ms, I saw towers here, seeing objects from", as he stepped out. Confused she was, he no longer was, as Sheeran continued, "Although my heart is falling too I'm in love with your body".