Learning to let go, for it ain't your chateau

Something that the mind can handle easier of late is letting go, it appears. A learning from the years of a bad hands deal, or plain tired to inject more adrenaline. Either which way, there is a certain sense of peace or sullen one at that. No longer worrying about the silver linings one could say, for they aren't useful to make a jewel out of.

Earlier in the night, had tried upgrading the box that was hosting this blog and kaput goes the box down the drain. A network failure is all I am aware of and I end up with a Kernel panic. For some surprising reason, Digital Ocean's response didn't pan beyond the Tweet reply.

Surprising, given my good old shoes, spawned a new box, pointed the domain and things're back; sort of. There is a clear lack of focus I should think given I deleted the local copy of the API that I've been testing. Guess I'd have lost a few days' work there at worst. A bit of break from the monotony should help, I presume; time to get home lurking around the corner.

Besides, given the Ghost app on the phone seems to have old posts, can recover them I hope. But, that is much subject to me working with them in a sane state. The current one, quite otherwise, shouts back at me to keep away until fine.

Until then, this placeholder post in place, time to decouple, unplug, and get some much needed rest.

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