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Amma uses Facebook a lot these days; mostly for videos on kids/handicrafts/cooking. Had a funny situation last week in this context. She wanted to share the video of a kid's prank which reminded her of my niece, to sister. And she needed some help since she couldn't find it.

I tried locating it but took a while to realise thanks to caffeine lack, what she meant by "I saved the video". She's used the "Save video" on Facebook, which saves videos to the account and not locally. Explained the saved option in the settings menu where things are collected.

Thought of fixing something up for her but didn't follow up on, given other work. Earlier this evening, had a similar context from work where saving videos from Facebook was being discussed. So, wrote a small service that allows download locally. Simple, useful hack.

Amma's too sleepy right now to bother about it right now, so even after disturbing her sleep in all earnestness with my enthusiasm to show her, I'll have to explain it to her in the morning :D

Somehow talking to niece is an exception even when it is late in the night :P

There are other services that do the same, but I'm sort of troubled giving them the links; ads and such. Tap on the video - copy the link - paste it in - wait for video to load - Download. Looks easy to do, for now.

If you'd like to play with it, available at

And yes, UI[X] isn't my strong suite, so any suggestions to ease things further, (sans frameworks) most welcome to help with my learning curve(s) :D

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