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Of brooks and some rooks

The last month has been something that I have always wondered about being impossible. For someone known to have a substance abuse problem with Facebook, keeping away is a task indeed.

Somehow have been able to manage, thanks to a few changes. I'd have to jot them in another, if not for anything, for me to step aside and analyse.

As an odd exercise, logged on to Facebook earlier in the morning and saw a single notification. This one, from Facebook's On this Day feature. Today's notification was helpful I should agree, in that I got to see some old stuff I dabbled sometime last year.

The search for own posts is a pain (at least for me) on Facebook and gets on my nerves when I try to search for old dabbles/poems. I've been meaning to back them up somewhere aside Facebook, and this is becoming a pain.

I've tried since then to trace back what I had been going through when I wrote it, but to no avail. I could sense loneliness the theme, flavoured with idiosyncratic condiments, but that's it. Nonetheless, without further adieu, the below is what I ended up seeing as a post from May last year.

The brook strides away, heedless of leaves that rest.

One fresh leaf today, a worn one the day cometh next.

They move along with it in all, a few knots together they go.

Hither and thither they move, calling her friend and then, foe.

The brook strides away, heedless of leaves that rest.

Off to the sea she goes, her sanity and sanctity blest.